I Wish That Anything In Life Could Excite Me As Much As Squirrels Excite My Dogs.

Autumn is an exciting time of year for my dogs, mostly because there is a significant increase in the number of squirrels running around in the park.

When my dogs encounter a squirrel, they experience a level of excitement beyond that which humans can cognitively process.

I could win the lottery, be offered a free luxury round-the-world cruise and discover the secret to eternal youth, all within the space of a single hour, and still not come close to scraping the surface of the excitement that my dogs experience when they see a squirrel.

Upon seeing a squirrel, my dogs become so excited that they are no longer completely in control of their bodies.

All they can do is run around, barking manically, their movements and actions controlled by the all-consuming power of their base instincts.

At this time of year, the squirrels are collecting food in preparation for winter which means that they spend a lot of time running around on the ground.

This puts them in direct visual range of my dogs.

Normally, my dogs can barely cope with the presence of one squirrel.

Seeing multiple squirrels sends their brains into overdrive and their squirrel radars switch to high alert.

This means that pretty much everything in the park has the potential to be a squirrel.

squirrel _LI

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9 thoughts on “I Wish That Anything In Life Could Excite Me As Much As Squirrels Excite My Dogs.

  1. Reblogged this on Ben's Bitter Blog and commented:
    One of the things I am most bitter about in life is that I was not given the ability to draw. I have already been surpassed in my artistic ability by my 13 year old daughter. Though to be honest, she surpassed me when she was 2 and first learned to draw. My stick figures still need a lot of work.
    Anyways, Joanne here combines two things that make me bitterly jealous, so I thought I would show you just how good she is at both drawing and humor, things which I both suffer at embarrassingly. Make sure to check out many of her other posts which are funny too.

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  2. YES!
    My mother-in-law’s doggo is the same. Total squirrel joy!

    My cat is excited by squirrels too, but he just goes stock still and can’t do anything else while he has a squirrel in his eye-line.

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  3. This was really funny, and it really makes me want to be a dog too.

    Random fact about gray squirrels that you’ll never, ever, ever need to know: they have crappy memories, so they just bury acorns everywhere. Then they randomly dig in the general area where they buried them in an attempt to fool people into thinking squirrels are smart.

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  4. Yes, I can completely relate. We moved to a place that we can actually “see” nature. And my little dog will sit ALL DAY next to the patio sliding door and he kept barking (which he normally doesn’t do) and I realized there was a squirrel that traveled that path right in front of the door. He’d leap up on the fence and swish his tail. Jump on the roof. He was frantically gathering for the winter. And my dog couldn’t contain himself. Or when the 7 quail flew up on the fence in front of his view.

    P.S. I don’t know, if I won power ball or any lottery…I think I would be running around and lose complete control of my body seeing $$$ everywhere and be barking mad. Who knows what odd sounds would come out of me.

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