Popcorn Is The Most Moreish Substance Known To Man.

Whenever I go to the cinema, I buy popcorn in the assumption that I will eat it steadily over the course of the entire movie.

However, once the first piece of popcorn touches my lips, all semblance of self-control disintegrates and I start to make my way through the bucket as if it is the first food that I have had after being lost in the wilderness for an extended period of time.

Popcorn is quite consistent in its flavour and texture so around a quarter of the way down the bucket, I tend to get a bit bored.

After a while, I get to a stage where I’m not really enjoying the taste of the popcorn enough to justify the number of calories I am taking on by eating it.

However, by this point, it is too late.

My hand is set in an unbreakable, mechanical rhythm and I cannot stop it from shoving handfuls of popcorn into my mouth, against the wishes of the rest of my body.

Eventually, I reach the stage where I am no longer eating out of hunger or enjoyment.

Instead, my desire to consume the popcorn is fuelled purely by a guilty obligation to finish the entire bucket in order to justify the hole in my bank account that I carved out when I bought it.

By the time the film actually starts, I have completely exhausted my supply of popcorn and am left with nothing but regret and the knowledge that I have paid about £100000 to have kernels permanently engrained in my teeth.


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12 thoughts on “Popcorn Is The Most Moreish Substance Known To Man.

  1. Yes, the top part is so good because the butter is on it. I always get them to layer it, so my popcorn bag is starts off as “Tastes Amazing” followed by “Regret” and about halfway down the bag, it’s back to “Tastes Amazing” followed by more regret. Sometimes I will go to a movie solely to have popcorn. Why haven’t I ever gone to the theatre and just bought the popcorn and skipped the movie? I wonder if anyone has ever done that…

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  2. Lovely blog post!
    Mechanical rhythm is right! I should be doing reps with a dumbbell, it is almost the same movement, only it ends with a deposit of popcorn/skittles/gummies/torpedoes in my mouth. The dumb commercials and previews last so long that by the time the main feature begins, well, you know that sad sensation of feeling kernels, and popcorn shards at the bottom of the bag. BTW back in the early Pleistocene era when I lived in the UK I first saw commercials in the theatre. 5 years later we got hit with them, too, in Canada. Can’t unring THAT bell.

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