I Like to Pretend That I’m a Mature Adult With High-Minded Intellectual Opinions But, in Reality, I’m Just a Big Kid…

I have a degree in English Literature which essentially means that I have a £27,000 piece of paper that says I’m good at books.

One of the main skills that you learn as an English student is to think critically – to take wider intellectual concepts and apply them to whatever text you happen to be studying.

When I was at university, I often felt an obligation to live up to my image as a literature student.

I tried very hard to sound well read and informed and to provide a deep insightful commentary on whatever subject I happened to be discussing.

christmas pretty2_LII graduated from university a couple of years ago and, since then, I’ve become concerned that I haven’t been intellectually stimulating my mind as frequently as I used to.

I used to be interested in critical observations about the flawed nature of human society.

Now, simple little things BLOW MY MIND.

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12 thoughts on “I Like to Pretend That I’m a Mature Adult With High-Minded Intellectual Opinions But, in Reality, I’m Just a Big Kid…

  1. Your blog is such a pleasure! Your observations are both self-deprecating and incisive, with a gentle humour that is very appealing. It makes me happy to see an active mind taking in our wonky world and the deep deeeeeep mine of material that can be … er… excavated. Ok, I’m just showing off now since you have that expensive piece of paper! Anyway, like you, I use humour (thru drawings etc) to depict the insanity of human society, and to COPE with it!
    Peace and love!


  2. “One of the main skills that you learn as an English student is to think critically”



    Yes, those discussions on “genre theory” sure did kick my mind into high gear! /s


  3. Funny and true as usual Joanne. Reminds me of my daughter now taking A level English Lit, all fancy ass when critically assessing an Ibsen play in 4000 words but cooing at funny cat videos while playing with Snapchat filters on selfies the rest of the time.

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  4. Very relatable! I get stuck in the middle – high-minded and low-minded in the wrong settings. Like being asked what you’ve been up to and getting raised eyebrows for watching a documentary. But then in an intellectual setting feeling daft saying that you watch Googlebox!


  5. I can relate so much to this…it’s sad!! I dislike (hate is such a harsh word haha) the position I’m in because my mind isn’t stimulated in the slightest bit. I miss having people challenge things that I say.

    Loved this post though because now I know I’m not the only one feeling like this!

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  6. Love it. Hell, I started reading scripture again as an atheist because guess what, I like it. I’m contemplating believing in god quite sincerely. The ultimate sparking Christmas tree for me, and I don’t even care. There is not a prize at the end of the liberal arts lit crit social competition I have realized. I’ve had to leave that particular religion. I don’t even edit my shit for egregious typos anymore. That was actually probably a bigger breakthrough than the Bible thing haha.


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