I Think I Am Suffering From Holiday Season Withdrawal…

January is quite a confusing time of year for me.

In the UK, the majority of holidays are concentrated between the months of October and December.

Although I no longer enjoy Halloween and Christmas as much as I used to when I was younger, I still like using the holidays as an excuse to consume a copious amount of food and drink before justifying the consequent damage to my waistline/ general health using the phrase ‘it’s *insert holiday name here* – I deserve to treat myself.’

In addition, the holidays provide winter with a kind of structure, helping to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

There is always an occasion to prepare for and, up until the end of December, it is possible to propel myself through the long dark months of cold miserable weather on a tide of festive merriment.

However, eventually January comes around and I am suddenly released into the new year with nothing on the immediate horizon.

I never know what to do with myself without the incessant stream of holidays that have kept me occupied since late October.

new year

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9 thoughts on “I Think I Am Suffering From Holiday Season Withdrawal…

  1. There’s always that well known holiday ‘Mid-January’ to look forward to. And then the Festival of Late January. The Feast of Early February. The Frenzied Gluttony of Mid February. The Alcoholic Haze of Late February…I’m sure you get the idea.


  2. I get excited at a new post from you, in the same way I looked forward to the colour comics in the newspaper as a child! (casting aside news sports, and other less important issues). Now I’m a grown up man, talking to the telly like everyone else!

    Here in Canada we have Family Day in February. A day off to spend with family. I always thought it might be more valuable to spend with someone’s else’s family, to foster empathy? (So that’s why Bob’s angry all the time, his kids are rubbish at home!)

    When I lived In UK I loved Guy Fawkes night which, of course, is illegal here, the lightning of bonfires, that is. It is known as ‘arson’ here.

    Thx for likes BTW.

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