It’s Almost Valentine’s Day So Here Is a Post About Love.

In our complex world filled with political upheaval and relentless technological innovation, love is seen as the one ultimate universal truth – it is something that we can all experience regardless of who we are or where we come from.

However, for something that is often portrayed as the purest thing in existence, love is incredibly confusing.

This is especially relevant when it comes to the process of finding love.

Dating in the modern era often feels like playing a highly tactical strategic game – a game in which you assume the other person is adhering to the same set of rules as you when in fact they are following a rule book which they have devised for themselves.

The confusion is enhanced by the fact that nowadays a lot of communication is done through technological devices, something which eliminates non-verbal signals, making it harder to decipher what another person is feeling.img_0058

I think that dating was probably more straightforward in the olden days when the hot guy in town would fall deeply in love with you before declaring his profound feelings in an elaborate display of affection.

(Just to clarify, my perception of the past has originated from studying highly accurate historical documents such as The Complete Works of Jane Austen).

Nowadays, romantic declarations tend to be quite underwhelming in comparison.


Unfortunately, an online message containing the words ‘Netflix and Chill’ doesn’t quite carry the sentimental weight of carefully composed sonnet.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Almost Valentine’s Day So Here Is a Post About Love.

  1. I have to say that I am so glad that I am not hunting for a partner through the internet these days. I am older and grew up when we definitely waited for that phone call from the person we liked, and there were no answering machines for home use yet, so if you weren’t home, you never knew if the person called or not unless they did it again. This way with smartphones and internet, you can suffer while you’re out with *knowing* the person didn’t reply, or said something lame, and you’re still confused. Good luck with it.


  2. Love the blog. Thanks for making me appreciate anew that I am not single. Possibly our grandparents felt the same with those new-fangled ‘telephones’, ‘cars’, and ‘personal hygiene’.


  3. I think I would have appreciated the texting and twittering as a way of showing I fancied someone back in the day. I am a way better writer than a talker, so I would have been way better at tricking girls into thinking I was charming.


  4. I agree that the flowery prose of yesteryear is much better than today’s texting chatter. I don’t envy you, and like the other folks who posted before me, I am glad I’m not in the dating realm. Good luck!


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