The Trials and Tribulations of Having Curly Hair.

I have thick, unruly, frizz-ridden, curly hair.

As a result, pretty much every day of my life has been a bad hair day.


Deep down, I know that my hair has massive potential and I have spent my entire life trying to figure out how to style it in a way that expresses its true beauty.

Unfortunately, I still have absolutely no idea how to control it.

My hair is at its most tame directly after I step out of the shower.


However, as my hair begins to dry, it starts to rebel.

HairIt has visions of a new better future for itself – a future in which it will rise up into a set of full, luscious, voluminous curls.

HairUnfortunately, by the time my hair has fully dried, this rebellion has deteriorated into something that it never intended or planned for.

HairIn my teenage years, I had a brief period where I genuinely believed that I could control my hair through the power of modern cosmetics.

I tried using a wide variety of hair serums, all of which claimed to eliminate frizz.


Many of the serums that I used were even backed by scientists.


Unfortunately, my hair gives zero fucks about scientist’s opinions.

‘Flawless’ isn’t a concept that it recognises.

In fact, my hair is probably the kind of natural phenomenon that would make scientists doubt their knowledge of the fundamental laws of the universe.


If my hair is particularly unruly, I sometimes attempt to make it more manageable using various hair accessories.

Unfortunately, this rarely proves effective as my hair is on a mission to completely annihilate any hair accessory that attempts to subdue it.


After years of struggle, I am now finally transitioning into a period of acceptance.

I have fought my hardest against my hair and have well and truly lost so I am now trying embrace it in all it’s frizz-ridden glory.

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16 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of Having Curly Hair.

  1. Hahaha love this. The images of broken hairstyling tools is sooooo familiar to me. My hair isn’t even curly, but it’s thick as hell and a mix of wavy and frizzy with a few horribly placed cowlicks. This post is so relatable!


  2. Did you draw the pictures?
    I have thick wavy hair and I have the same problem. My hair is ALWAYS messy, and I brush my hair pretty much EVERY DAY! It drives me crazy.


  3. when i tried to tame my curly hair, it got frizzy. when i used get and friz-ease and all that garbage, it looked awful. it looked fantastic right when i got out of the shower! an hour later it looked like i’d stuck my tongue in a light socket. Kids at Sunday School said I had “witch hair”.

    your mileage may vary, because everyone’s curly hair is different, but this is what worked for me. Threw out my hair brush. forget about a blow dryer. threw out all the serums because they were a waste of money. bought the biggest jug of pantene conditioner I could fine (a huge jug lasts me about 2 weeks). I condition my hair in the shower, comb it through with my fingers. Use shampoo about once every 3-4 weeks. Yep, shampoo wasn’t working for me or my hair – stripping out all the natural oils, making my scalp dry and itchy, and making my hair floofy! No blow drying, but I wrap my hair in an old cotton t-shirt when I’m out of the shower, leave the t-shirt until i’m done getting dressed, so I dunno, 5 or 10 minutes? Style hair immediately after taking towel off, and then don’t touch it for the rest of the day.

    I never got so many compliments on my hair until I stopped using shampoo.

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