I Am A Master Of Study-Related Procrastination…

Whenever I study for anything, I always try my hardest to find ways to trick myself into believing that I am working really hard when, in fact, I am not being very productive at all.

I like to call these techniques study-related procrastination.

Examples of study-related procrastination include organising my desk, making a colour- coded revision timetimable, going to the shops to buy various items of stationary and drinking several cups of coffee in order to ‘increase my productivity’, before sitting in a state of caffeine induced anxiety lamenting how I can never seem to get anything done.

One of my favourite forms of study-related procrastination involves going through my revision guides and highlighting the key points.

On the surface, this seems like a good idea – in theory, my brain will find it easier to absorb information if it only has to focus on the important bits.

However, the whole point of a revision guide is that it is essentially a collection of key points, a pre-condensed version of the syllabus, and this means that when I go through with my highlighter, I usually end up highlighting absolutely everything.

All in all, I haven’t actually achieved anything, unless basically colouring in each page in luminescent yellow can be considered an achievement.


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10 thoughts on “I Am A Master Of Study-Related Procrastination…

  1. I have bought used textbooks before and the previous owner literally highlighted the whole book with yellow highlighters. I never could understand why. But after reading your excellent post, I now have a keen and sympathetic understanding of why someone would go through 20 highlighter pens to color in all the pages of a textbook.

    As for me, I always just wrote witty comments in the margins and hilarious captions to the photos and diagrams. At least … I THOUGHT they were funny. It might have just been my imagination.

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    1. Oh Biff, I did the same! Captions and ‘witty’ comments. My sister loved Archie Digests (you know, with Jughead and Hot Dog et al) – I would fill them with ‘alternate’ storylines with rude dialogue.

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      1. Ha ha! That’s wonderful! Did you keep any of them? You should post some of them on your page (assuming you can figure out a way to get around the rabid Archie Comics lawyers and their “claims” of copyrights.


  2. Hehe, very good post. There is no end to the nest feathering and other delaying tactics that one can devise to avoid the inevitable! I daresay that nowadays there are even MORE distractions, especially with the existence of cats and their various antics.

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  3. At school/college, I use to spend so long on colour coded revision timetables that I left no time for actual study. I have a post coming soon where I justify my procrastination as ‘I’m not ready yet’. I’m not wasting time, I’m weighing up the pros and cons 😉


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