I Think I Might Be A Modern Day Ebenezer Scrooge…

A Christmas Carol is one of my favourite festive stories, mostly because I feel a certain connection with the central character.

Although I do not identify with Scrooge’s attitude and general approach to life, on some level, I do relate to his experience in the novel.

Like Scrooge, I frequently find myself awake in the early hours of the morning.

However, unlike Scrooge, the voices that wake me up are not those of supernatural beings sent to teach me a lesson about the joy of Christmas and the fundamental meaning of life.  Instead, they are anxieties that originate from my own brain, piping up for no discernible reason whatsoever.

So, this Christmas, I have reimagined Dicken’s iconic spirits so that they represent some of the anxieties that often haunt me in the early hours – after all, there’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than using classic Christmas tales to analyse your own mental health!


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7 thoughts on “I Think I Might Be A Modern Day Ebenezer Scrooge…

  1. Your content is never not motivating, Joanne! I haven’t followed you that long (mmm maybe 2 years), but in all that time, awesome material – and so real, with a *lot* of wit thrown in! Happy Hollies to you and yours!


  2. First light, (your post reaching my eyes…) and I’m smitten. Now I’ll need to allocate yet more time out of my otherwise insane life to consuming YOUR thoughts, (and wonderful drawings! M 🙂 (Looking forward to it!)


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