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My name’s Jo and I am a writer and cartoonist based in Liverpool UK. ‘Some Words That Say What I Think’ is my illustrated humour blog and I have been writing it for 5 years.I also draw cartoons about my unseccessful attempts to function as an adult on Instagram. I have included all the posts that I have ever put on the blog below so that it is slightly easier to navigate between them – enjoy!

My Work Experience Experience.

When I was 15 years old, I had to complete a week of work experience as part of my school’s ‘student enrichment’ programme. Initially, the prospect of doing work experience excited me. I was eager to temporarily escape the classroom and enter into professional environment for the first time. I envisioned myself working for the … Continue reading My Work Experience Experience.

I’ve Written a Book!

Hi everyone! A few months ago, I wrote this blog post featuring some of my diary entries from lockdown. Following this, quite a few people messaged me to say they enjoyed the post so I decided to collate more of my pandemic diary entries into a book! 365 Days of Bummer is a first-hand account … Continue reading I’ve Written a Book!

My Worst Holiday Ever.

When I was 10 years old, my parents took me and my brothers away to the Isle of Mull for a week. The Isle of Mull is a remote island off the coast of Scotland renowned for its wide range of wildlife and breath-taking scenery. My mum, in particular, was very excited about going to … Continue reading My Worst Holiday Ever.


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