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My name’s Jo and I am a writer and cartoonist based in Liverpool UK. ‘Some Words That Say What I Think’ is my illustrated humour blog and I have been writing it for 5 years.I also draw cartoons about my unseccessful attempts to function as an adult on Instagram. I have included all the posts that I have ever put on the blog below so that it is slightly easier to navigate between them – enjoy!

My D of E Experience

A couple of days after Prince Philip died, I received an email from the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award asking me to contribute any memories I had of completing the award to an online forum. Thinking back, the expeditions immediately stood out to me as the most memorable part of my D of E experience. For … Continue reading My D of E Experience

My Lockdown Diary Entries

I started writing a diary in March 2020. I was struggling with my mental health at the time and thought that writing down my thoughts would help me gain some perspective on how I was feeling.   The escalation of the coronavirus situation also made me feel like I was living through history and I … Continue reading My Lockdown Diary Entries

2020: A Review

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that 2020 has been the weirdest, craziest, scariest, most existentially-challenging, emotionally-draining year of my life. A lot of bad things have happened and, at times, whilst caught in a Matrix-style existential mindset, I’ve become convinced that I’ve probably been living in an unpublished Lemony Snicket novel without … Continue reading 2020: A Review


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